2019/12/10 - 16:58
Today i'll show you the All Nighter Collection by ILNP which is already available on the official site and at the stockists. Сегодня я покажу одну из зимних коллекций бренда ILNP, которая называется All Nighter и уже в продаже на официальном сайте и у стокистов.
Cadillacquer 2019 In The Depth of Winter
2019/11/14 - 12:13
Hi girls! Today I have a review on the new winter collection from Cadillacquer - The Depth Of Winter Collection, which will be presented on November 17!
Cirque Candy Coat Collection
2019/11/13 - 11:17
Today i'll show you the Candy Coat Collection by Cirque Colors inspired by sweets. All the nail polishes are jelly-based with iridescent flakies, those flakies are even and easily removed with any nail polish remover. I used three coats for my swatches because of a texture but they dry really fast so it's not a problem at all. A top coat is a must.
ILNP 2019 Winter Snowed In
2019/11/13 - 11:09
ILNP released their first (out of two) Winter collection for 2019. This is a really festive one, with classic colors for the Season.
Painted Polish Deser Dreamscape Collection
2019/11/07 - 15:18
Today i'll show you the Desert Dreamscape Collection by Painted Polish . The collection is already available on the official site and at the stockists. It consists of three groups of nail polishes - each group contains nail polishes of one shade but with a different texture and filling, i'll tell about everything in the descriptions.
Cirque Colors – Tortoise Shell Nail Art Set
2019/11/07 - 11:19
I have something fun and exciting to share with you today from Cirque Colors! Annie, the genius mind behind the New York based brand, has put together three easy nail art sets. These sets will help you create stunning looks without the need for additional tools. Let’s take a look at the Tortoise Shell Nail Art Set!