-***NEW BRAND ALERT*** : Kathleen&Co Polish, BACK-ORDER. Shipping Timeframe :   app. mid-May!

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- Cirque Colors Restock +  2021 Vice collection : May 12!  

- Wildflower Lacquer New " The Stay Golden" Collection, PRE-ORDER, May 10!

- Ethereal Lacquer  New Serpentine Collection and Mystery Bags ( Taurus, Sunbeam, Scales, Slithering) are available to BACK-ORDER! 

- Painted Polish Restock + New garden Party Collection is available to back-order. Shipping timeframe is app. early-May! 

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- Cirque New "Aura" + " Cottagecore"  + California Dreamin' collections are available!

- Wildflower Lacquer New "Candied Koi" Collection + Benefit Nailpolish

- Ethereal Lacquer "Stop Asian Hate Charity" (April 03-06) and Pisces&Aquarius Mystery Polishes are available to Back-Order! 

- Cadillacquer New 2021 Spring Collection is available!  

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  • Uberchic beauty stamping plate nailart

    UberChic Beauty
  • Wildflower lacquer indie new collection killer queen
    Killer Queen
  • ethereal lacquer indie nailpolish new collection in the name of the moon

    Ethereal Lacquer
  • polished for days, 2020 winter holiday, sweater weather, indie, nail polish
    2020 Winter
    Polished For Days
  • Colores De Carol, indie, nail polish, new collection

    Colores De Carol
  • Picture polish New Collection Shades Indie Nailpolish

    Picture Polish
  • Cirque colors, nail polish, new collection, Superfuture collection, 2021 spring

  • WW Shipping
  • cadillacquer 2020 summer flakies

  • Painted Polish 2020 'Fall Rise & Grind Quartet’ and ‘Pumpkin Spice & Chill Trio

    Painted Polish
  • ILNP, Tea Party collection, 202i spring, Indie, nail polish, I Love Nail Polish, new collection
    Tea Party

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Cadillacquer Sunshine

2020 Summer Collection
Listaár:3 890 Ft
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Cadillacquer Keep Smiling

Cadillacquer Keep Smiling
2020 Summer Collection
Listaár:3 890 Ft
Akciós ár:3 112 Ft
You save:20%