Femme Fatale Enchanted Fables Vol.5- Enchanted Beans

Femme Fatale Enchanted Fables Vol.5

Enchanted Beans is a thermal with states of pale green (warm) to deep blue (cold). During transition it may look a bit teal while it's in the 'inbetween' state. It's overlaid with a shimmering green sparkle that really pops when it's in cold state. Opaque in 3 coats and we recommend finishing with a good quality, smoothing top coat.
Most thermals are ideal to wear during winter (especially in colder regions that receive snowfall) as the transition will be more apparent; for example the cold will generate the darker state on your nail tips while your body temperature will generate the warm green state on your nail beds. Please see all swatches to indicate how this polish could appear on you, depending on temperature and nail length.
As with all thermal shades ensure your unit is kept well sealed in a dark location. Thermal transitions slow over time (and eventually cease, usually after 1-3 years) so we always recommend using them sooner rather than later to get the most out of your bottle.

This shade was inspired by the magical beans that grew into a beanstalk in Jack and the Beanstalk as recorded by Joseph Jacobs.

swatches by @blossomstreet

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Femme Fatale


Enchanted Fables Vol.5 + February COTM


2021 Spring

Femme Fatale Enchanted Fables Vol.5

Femme Fatale Enchanted Fables Vol.5