Polish Pickup Collaboration

Polish Pickup & Nailland Order Combination : 

This is a special service that Nailland is offering to its customers. Through this partnership, you could order on PPU directly and combine it with your Nailland order, thus you will save high shipping cost, custom tax and VAT.


These are the terms and steps to follow to complete your purchase :


1.      You could make your PPU order directly on PPU website : www.polishpickup.com , as using our special code ”NAILLANDPPU” not to pay shipping fee from PPU

-          You could order all products available at PPU ( capped, uncapped, etc)

-          PPU overstocks are not included

-          Nailland & PPU prefer that hosting PPU purchase only one site (PPU website), because in this way, you could also order ”capped” products and it will be simplier for all.


2.      You need to place an order anytime at Nailland to get your PPU order shipped together with this order.  

-         Minimum order value (Nailland) should be 50 € (including main order, pre-order, back-order ) each month + plus PPU shipping cost 

-         It does not need to be one order of 50 €, it can be multiple orders ( for instance reservation + main order), total value should be min. 50 € 

-         Right after PPU order, you could place your order anytime you want, there is no time limit for this.


3.      After you place your order, you need to add PPU shipping cost item to your Nailland order, as many as your PPU order quantity. For instance, If you order 3 pcs at PPU, then you should add 3 PPU shipping cost item into your order.  

-         You could find them here : www.nailland.hu/en/products/field_brand/polish-pickup-1560  

-         PPU shipping cost is  1.5 € for per nail polish and 2 € for per other products ( We just cover PPU shipping and custom cost, there is no profit added)

-          Apart from this cost, you will not pay any extra custom clearence and VAT fees for your PPU orders

-         This cost is only for PPU's shipping cost and it is fixed, not connected to Nailland order's shipping. Nailland order can be still free shipping. But when it is free shipping, the order amount should be excluded the total of the PPU shipping cost!  


4.      Please mention your PPU order number in the shipping note of your Nailland order, so that we know you want to combine your orders


5.      As soon as we receive PPU shipment , we will  combine your PPU + Nailland Order(s) and ship them together.


Important Notes :


·         We combine each PPU order with at least one Nailland order ( 1 PPU order / 1+ Nailland order in each month )

·         Please contact PPU customer service directly, related to your PPU orders and contact us for your combined orders

·         If your Nailland order is pre-order or back-order, then, we will combine&ship your orders, after all products arrive at Nailland

·         Bcs of PPU products, if the package weight exceeds of 2 kg, shipment companies charge extra fee and we will advise you about this cost. Free shipping of nailland orders is also included in such cases. If it becomes free shipping, bcs of added PPU       

         shipping fees , you just need to add that amount as plus , over free shipping amount.  

.         Code can not be used retrospectively and the terms and conditions are subject to change and/or modify, if needed. Our shipping rules and terms&conditions wil be applied, please check them out.


For more info or any question, please send us an e-mail : [email protected]